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20 February 2013

Feb 2013 a

Thu 31 Jan 2013
Steve caught the train after work, up to Lancaster to help with the preparations for the feast he'll be cooking up on Saturday night.

Fri 01 Feb 2013
Today Steve helped with the food shopping and other last minute prep for tomorrow night's feast and tonight's vigil, which Steve organised.
After work Jen caught the train up and was happy to make it on to site by about 9pm. Eventually Clancy showed up, was thrown into garb, and promptly sent to vigil to consider if he wished the next day to become a Knight, a Master or neither. 
Steve was gifted a lovely little ibex decorated kylix (pottery wine cup) from House Brighthelm, with Alex and Edith contributing also.

Sat 02 Feb 2013
This morning in court we were awarded the PCS, an award which is really a kind of fond farewell. Alaric's scroll however was brilliantly worded and sounded much more like a banishment than anything else.
Clancy surprised most people by accepting the accolade of Knighthood. Lots of glad hurrahs all round. 
Vitus and Isabel stepped up as Prince and Princess in their new finery.

Alaric spent much of the day in the kitchen, except for Clancy's knighting in the morning, and also skipping out for about an hour to meet him on the field and shower before launching properly into feast prep mode. Sophia turned up in time to slave away like a trooper, ably assisting Edith and John in the kitchen as well. The feast was splendid and the subtleties added greatly to it!

More photos from the event can be found here

Above: Cornocopia made of sugar and marzipan. Above that, new knight Sir Clancy hold a crystal sugar sword before breaking it up and sharing it around. Subtleties made by Kit and Antonio.

Sun 03 Feb 2013
So, event over, we said farewell to many very good friends, and headed back home to overcast London and much needed afternoon nappage.

Fri 08 Feb 2013
Steve got the car MOT'd today, that is, road-worthied. 

Sat 09 Feb 2013
Got the boiler serviced this morning. Jen picked up a postal delivery - the antique sugar bowl has arrived, so now our Victorian silver-plate tea and coffee set is complete. (creamer not pictured)

Sun 10 Feb 2013
Jen spent much of the weekend finishing off Steve's new embroidered fighting shirts. Well, the third one is now wearable except for the fact the embroidery is incomplete. Here are the two finished ones:

Thu 14 Feb 2013
St Valentine's Day. Steve cooked up a lovely dinner of duck in cherry sauce. Alex came down from near Newcastle to stay with us for a few days, kicking off his visit with an afternoon 1-on-1 fighter practise with his knight (Alaric). 

Fri  15 Feb 2013
Alex collected his two lovely little girls in the morning. After we got home, and once his girls were put to bed, we introduced Alex to a spot of Aussie culture by watching the film The Castle together, whilst downing some fine ales.

Sat 16 Feb 2013
This morning Steve made the girls pancakes shaped as letters forming their names - Mr popularity! After breakfast we hopped in the car and drove up to Waterbeach near Cambridge, for about 3 hours of fighter practise on the village green. Then all of us were off to Deb and Clancy's place for showers and a Superbowl Party! Chilli-dogs and budweiser were served forth and enthusiastic shouting at the screen took place. Fun times! 

Sun 17 Feb 2013
Clancy cooked up bacon, eggs and sausages for breakfast and after some sterling conversation, Alex and his little girls said their farewells and headed up towards Newcastle. Steve and Jen returned back to London and took it easy for the rest of the weekend. Back to work tomorrow.