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UK and European adventures. Read on my pretties, and discover what two stray Aussies can get up to on their travels.......

13 March 2011

Mar 2011 a

Fri 04 Mar 2011
Tres cool, our mate Finnian will come stay with us in May - hurrah!

Sat 05 Mar 2011
Tonight we downloaded the film 'Inception' via iTunes. Great special effects but weird film. Needed to find a new rental solution since the local DVD rental store closed. Once downloaded, we've hooked up the MacMini to the projector - happy times!
Furthermore.... Steve is a legend - he's figured out how to gain remote control of Jen's MacMini using his iPhone, very handy. 

Sun 06 Mar 2011
LAJ's scroll in progress
Jen's scribal workspace

Today Jen got around to doing some more work on LAJ's scroll. Throughout the next week Jen added a couple of layers of white-glue gesso in preparation for creating a nice raised gold effect. It really is like doing fine brushwork with gluggy globs of glue - there's a knack to it.

Tonight we went to a live comedy gig at the Apollo featuring some of the UK's top comedians. None of the comedians were duds - lots of laughs all round. Nice way to be celebrating ya birthday Hannah, thanks!

Stage at the Apollo (no pics allowed during the gig)

Tue 08 Mar 2011
The third morning in a row with glorious sunshine - wInter might almost be over, hurrah!
Plus, it'll reach a scorching 13 degrees tomorrow apparently.

Wed 09 Mar 2011
Poor Steve received a nasty hit on his ankle at fighter practise tonight from one of the new fighters.

Thu 10 Mar 2011
This morning Steve's limping about, and after a day at work his knee is also paining him, since he's been favouring the ankle. Just hope it doesn't then put his back out too!
Tonight Jen visited Elizabeth and played about with gilding, and their cat. :-)

Fri 11 Mar 2011
Poor Japan! Massive earthquake (7th largest recorded in the world) plus huge Tsunami reaching 10kms inland. Thanks to GPS we know that the east coast of Japan has shifted 2.4 meters. The whole event's unlike anything we've ever seen.
Steve cooked yummy chook parmajiana when he didn't feel like it, limpping about the kitchen the poor dear! The food was yummy.

Sat 12 Mar 2011
Today Steve relaxed after a pretty tough week at work. 
 Jen got stuck into gilding the scroll for LAJ.

The layout includes space for large wax seals

Sun 13 Mar 2011
This morning Jen awoke to find Steve exercising downstairs. Very keen of him! Jen finished sewing the seat covers. How very domestic this weekend has been. Oh, and we managed to flog off our old Ikea dining chairs on ebay. Nice.

02 March 2011

Feb 2011 b

Fri 18 Feb 2011
Steve worked overtime, then we had Sorcha and Arnod arrive at Steve's work for a pickup - we all headed off to Wales for the weekend.

Sat 19 Feb 2011
This weekend the SCA medieval group did its 6 monthly Coronet event, this time in a genuine Welsh Castle, Caerphilly.  Hooray for hot showers and a comfy bed after all day event in a castle! Anyway, here are a few photos from the day:

Sorscha brings water for the figthers
New P&P Cernac and Susannah

Guy and a weary Nesta sit down to fine fare
Holding court in the Great Hall, Caerphilly Castle
Alaric, Helen and Duncan

Sun 20 Feb 2011

On the way home with Sorscha, Arnod and Edina(I think?) from Perth WA, we stopped for lunch at the Red Lion in Avebury inside the stone circle there. We also walked bout the stone circle and Ave of Kings, stopped at Silbury Hill, and wandered about the Sanctuary.
Once home we unpacked, showered and took it easy for the rest of the weekend.

Mon 21 Feb 2011
A day off work for Jen - so she ran about town doing little things she usually can't do for being at work.

Tue 22 Feb 2011
Heard about the massive earthquake(s) going down in Christchurch NZ right now. Very worried about our friends there! As far as we know none of our friends have been killed or gone missing.....

Sat 26 Feb 2011
An exciting weekend of redecorating, if such a thing can be called exciting....
Today saw Steve unfortunately doing several hours extra working, but after work he was legendary enough to go with Jen to pick up our new (2nd hand) fancy oak dining table.
Tonight we visited Soph and Paul. It was a fun family affair as Steve's sister (Soph's mum) is in town.

(L-R) Soph, Paul. little Branda, Julie, Paul's mum, Steve, Chris the housemate.

A little surprise was the giving of 6 crystal wine cups for Jen and a fancy big blue teapot for Steve - our Christmas pressies since it has been so long since we'd all caught up with them.

Sun 27 Feb 2011
And today Steve was in need of a relaxing day between workdays. Jen drove for to Reading to collect new (old) dining chairs which go beautifully well with the new (old) dining table... here you can see the lovely Xmas pressies from Soph and Paul too.

Loving the new dining table - shiny!
Tonight, the Buddha bust (which came with the house) has come down out of the stairwell to make way for a long printed wall hanging.

Tues 1 March 2011
Jen arrived home to find Steve's sister Julie and her granddaughter (Sophie's niece) out in the cold on the doorstep! They were earlier than expected and it was good to get them inside and get the heating going. Steve whipped up a fab dinner of nachos and little Branda was put to bed for the oldies to sit around and natter the night away.