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03 December 2012

Nov 2012 b

A word of warning - this fortnight's posting is very Jen-centric.

Wed 14 Nov 2012
Jen has a phone interview for a graphic design position which is asking for a recruit with "a robust personality and attitude to be able to work in a vigorous, straight-talking atmosphere" where apparently about half the employees are ex-military. Sounds positively fascinating!

Thu 15 Nov 2012
Steve cooks up a tasty treat of vegetarian ravioli and garlic bread - for a pleasant and relaxing dinner with Ilva and Alex, new friends Jen discovered via a board game club called London Cashflow.

Sat 17 Nov 2012
Today Jen picks up an ebay find which Steve has asked for - a plush red leather footstool to match the chesterfield armchairs.

Sun 18 Nov 2012
Autumn is winding up for another year, after about a fortnight of the earnest shedding of leaves. The trees are about 90% done dropping their leaves, and each individual leaf is often splendid not only in colour range, but majestic in size.

Tue 20 Nov 2012
Jen popped into her old workplace to have a colleague fill out the co-signatory section of a UK passport application. Meanwhile, her old team mates asked "where are the muffins" hopefully wishing that Steve had magicked up a batch of gourmet white choc and raspberry muffins for them. They were sadly disappointed on that front, and Steve chuffed he's still "loved" by the old Marcoms team.

Sat 24 Nov 2012
We decided to stay indoors as much as possible this weekend since Steve has still not 100% managed to shake off a chesty cough.

Mon 26 Nov 2012
Jen today attended a round one interview for a Design Manager role based in trendy Soho. There were about half a dozen other candidates at this stage, vying for the same role. There was four hours of various tests including a design test, psychometric tests, plus the interview itself.

Tues 27 Nov 2012
The next stage of this interview process is to now complete (within 24 hours) a creative solution to a brief and present the end design at a 2nd round interview the next day. Talk about jumping through hoops!

Wed 28 Nov 2012
After busily coming up with a brilliant design solution, Jen presented her idea in round two of the Design Mngr interview process. It's now been narrowed down to herself plus one other candidate.

Fri 30 Nov 2012
Jen's Aussie passport was also returned by courier, and she's likely to receive her UK passport either just before or just after Christmas.

Jen has suitably impressed for this managerial role, and has ben asked to meet with the client, to see if she approves of her. Strangely, approx 80% of the way through the interview, a fire alarm goes off and the whole building is evacuated! The interview is concluded in a nearby cafe. 

Later in the afternoon, Jen is invited to a 2nd round interview for the "robust character" role, and the interview is scheduled for Tuesday. It will be a close juggle to see which role is offered to her first…

Sun 02 Dec 2012
Jen puts up and decorates the Christmas tree. Steve adds the finishing touch: the traditional angel on top. Here are some fab photos taken with Jen's shiny new camera.

Plus, this afternoon we had a pleasant surprise - Dan and Elizabeth invited us around for dinner tonight, and Dan cooked up a delicious lamb and couscous meal with cherry tomato salad. Steve brought along a spiced honey wine he'd prepared that afternoon for the occasion. Good times all round!


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