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16 October 2012

Oct 2012 a

Not much happened second half of September, except Steve came down with a nasty cold, which has moved down into his lungs. He's on his second course of antibiotics now, so hopefully he'll be well again soon.

Sun 30 Sept 2012
This afternoon we had Finnian come over and help Jen with re-wording her CV, its now amazing.
A bit later on, Alex come around after dropping off his two daughters, and Kev turned up too. So it was time for a few hours' unofficial fighter practise down at the local park. 

Tue 02 Oct 2012
Last night Deb came and stayed over, and this morning she spoilt Jen rotten, with a promised birthday gift of spending several hours with her at a London spa in Shepherd's Bush. It's first time Jen's ever experienced eating at a fancy restaurant in a bathrobe & flip-flops. Nice one, thanks Deb!

Sat 06 Oct 2012
And so we waited in anticipation to see who would win the Drachenwald Crown today. Congrats to Duke Thorvaldr, commiserations to Finnian - better luck next time.

Tue 09 Oct 2012
Jen spends much of last week and today cramming before an exam tomorrow. Steve suggested she hop online and find a practice exam - excellent advice which has helped Jen immensely.

Wed 10 Oct 2012
Jen rang to tell Steve the good news about her exam - the pass mark is 67% and Jen got 78%, so she is now an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Acrobat X Pro, hurrah!
Steve had exciting news of his own; there has been a significant fire in the server room (room next to his office) and didn't know if he'd be coming home on time. Thankfully no-one was injured but there certainly will certainly be heads rolling once the cause of the blaze is determined.

Thu 11 Oct 2012
Jen grabbed another bargain on ebay, this is the last time honest! It's a pair of traditional wing-back leather armchairs. They've come at a great price because they're covered in cat scratches - but Jen's confident that with a little TLC she can get them looking great once more.

Fri 12 Oct 2012
Jen attended six seminar and/or debate sessions today at the Property Investor Show in east London today. All very interesting, with a free book and CD here and there, and further free seminars to check out later after the show. Also, earlier today Jen opened a letter from the Home Office confirming her application for UK citizenship has been accepted, and now she just needs to arrange a citizenship ceremony. As it turns out the earliest appt slot available is 13 November, so a bit more waiting is on the cards.

This evening Steve and Tina were legends in the kitchen, cooking up a dozen tasty ancient Roman recipes for Elizabeth's dinner party at our place - celebrating her Pelican ceremony which happened a few weeks ago at the Raglan Castle event. Thanks for the tasty food you two!


Sat 13 Oct 2012
Sadly, we were unable to attend a wedding at Hanging Rock in Australia - where Steve's squire, Wystan got happily married to his beau, Von. Glad to see it was a really fun and happy occasion!

While Jen was on Facebook in the afternoon, her best friend from high school, Kylie messaged to say the 20 year high school reunion in Brisbane went well, and that a London-based reunion was taking place today at 1:30pm. Jen looked at the clock and saw it was 1:50pm, and decided to try and turn up anyhow. Thankfully she managed to find people and hang out for a couple of hours. 

Talk about past "last minute"!

Jen headed back home and we straight away continued with our scheduled plans of heading up to Deb & Clancy's place in Mildenhall (near Cambridge) for an overnight stay. It was great to sit and chat and generally catch up with our friends. Later in the evening Deb experimented with a new recipe for a very special kind of fudge....

Sun 14 Oct 2012
This morning the blokes went out to "Beers of the World" meanwhile Deb re-worked some paperwork stuff for Jen, and Jen helped Deb with designing a flyer for her fudge business and some classy photography of the fudge. Twas hard work, but someone had to eat it, ahem, do it.

Tue 16 Oct 2012
Jen applied for some more jobs today, and also worked on tidying up Deb's fudge photos for her website and sales flyer.


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