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UK and European adventures. Read on my pretties, and discover what two stray Aussies can get up to on their travels.......

13 June 2007

Jun 2007 a

Fri 01 June 2007
Forgot to mention Steve was on holiday yesterday and also today - working hard on reign projects (such as belt making, blackening leather shoes, some hand sewing, etc etc).
Jen left work (on holidays now for the next week!) and got picked up near Dan & Elizabeth's home, with the car already having been packed for a weekend away. We all head off to Winchester and set up camp.
We slept overnight inside a room off to the right of this lovely feast hall!
You can see the choir loft up the top - which worked brilliantly well at amplifying our voices (on the Saturday night after dinner). Lots of cool madrigally-goodness ensued!

Sat 02 June 2007
Winchester Pilgrimage held at St Cross Hospital. Essentially a pilgrim's 'hostel' during the late middle ages, and currently houses elderly gentlemen who are either poor financially or poor in spirit. Their residents apparently include two men whose "nerves are shot" from 40 years of teaching schoolboys.
Here are a few site shots...

And even more photos can be found here:
In the morning everyone hand sewed pilgrim's bags for our pilgrimage along the water meadows to Winchester Cathedral. There we saw many great things including the famous Winchester Bible. After dinner we held court in the K&Q's name and created Siobhan and Lutr court Baron and Baroness.

Sun 03 June 2007
Leisurely morning at St Cross, pack up site and drive home, do laundry. Continue more frantic sewing.

Mon 04 June 2007
Jen has this week to get all the coronation outfit stuff finished (with some help from Steve in the evenings) - will we do it all in time? Steve's red gown and under things are finished. Just his soles to be sewn onto new hose (thanks to Elizabeth for taking on this job!) and his real ermine stole to be altered. We have (via ebay) two antique ermine stoles from the 1920's (they're a bit yellow and fragile) but we're okay with the fact we haven't actually paid for the dear little critters to be killed - that happened a long time ago.
Jen's underdress is done - just need to put together the sideless surcote top in ermine, and the "sari-red" skirt.

Tue 05 June 2007
Started pulling apart the lining of the two stoles. We were awaiting a third stole, but it never arrived. Jen has had to carefully piece together a sideless surcote top, taking some length off Steve's stole.

Wed 06 June 2007
Playing with fur continues.

Thu 07 June 2007
Bad news - got a phone call this morning telling us the landlord will be selling our rented home. We have until mid-august to find a new place to live. :-(

After work, Steve drives half way to Cambridge and has dinner with Deb and Clancy, to pick up from them the 7 garters they've project managed/made for Jen to give away to her 'guardsmen'.

Jen now understands that "sleep is for the organised" and finishes sewing on the last ermine tail at 2:30am.

Fri 08 June 2007
Packing plus a little more sewing, then flying out to Germany.... at the airport we meet up with Kitan and Alice (Elizabeth was also with us). Court on site includes sending to vigil (pelican) the event's head steward, Eleanora, who will also be taking on Kingdom Seneschal the next day!
Finish the last of the hand sewing at 1am, whilst chatting with Max and Margerite - the outgoing K&Q.

Sat 09 June 2007
Corontation! Glad we decided ages ago to sit through the K&Q's final court. They had loads of business which we were glad not to miss. At the end of their business there was an intermission for us to go and throw on our new glad rags, and get our Procession in order.

Above: from the front we had Elizabeth throwing pressed rose petals, Robin the page, us, Mary and Marina as cushion bearers for removal of our P&P coronets, and four banner bearers (didn't manage to organise banner poles) who were Kitan and Alice, Kevin and Daffyd.

Above: King Alaric crowns Nerissa his Queen.
Below: the Baroness of Aarnimetsa swears fealty.

Sun 10 June 2007
Early start - breakfast, then pack and empty the rooms by 10am! Jen runs around giving out the lovely roses that she cannot take with her on the flight home.

Its a stinking-hot day in Germany! Considering there was no 'left luggage' option at the airport, and the extra luggage we had now as K&Q (most of which will go back via car thanks to Vitus and Daffyd), we decided to take it easy and hang out in the relative cool of the airport, and minding everyone's luggage for them so they could go touristing. (and we'd seen some of Lubeck last time) As it was, John and Marina came back to the airport early, having found it to be just too hot, to be out & about.
We finally got home late in the evening and unpacked.

Mon 11 June 2007
Laundry, and back at work. Tidying the house for tomorrow morning's house inspection. Wondering what to do - get a mortgage? Rent again? Must make some kind of decision soon.... oh well, back to cleaning and tidying.

Tue 12 June 2007
House Inspection. After work, look at our finances. Also looked into flight options for upcoming SCA events, in getting to Edinburgh, and also Visby, Sweden. Couldn't seem to find cheap options for either! Oh well, no tickets bought just yet.
Also did some bedtime reading, through various poll commentary - to decide a future Baron & Baroness for the Finnish group.

Wed 13 June 2007
Blog night. A whole month worth of looking back over our mad rush before Coronation. I'm glad to say we somehow made it! This Friday night coming, will probably be a visit to Vitus' place to pick up the two large boxes of K&Q stuff. Then we can sort through it all too.

May 2007 b

Thu 17 May 2007
We meet up with Juana and Andrew at the Shakespeare's Head (pub). She was Queen of the West when we were Prince and Princess in 1996. We visited and stayed with them on our honeymoon, and they stayed with us on theirs, so now we've hung out with them on three continents!

Fri 18 May 2007

Steve drives the car home - hurray!!!! Yippee!!!! We'll see how reliable it is now...
They replaced the engine and its belts, and serviced/tuned the engine, plus looked after all the roadworthy stuff too - so its all good. And the mechanics charged us about 2/3 of what we were expecting to pay. So we had curry to celebrate.

Sat 19 May 2007
Steve goes to work - even though it's Saturday. Morde, Leisel and Giles go touristing.
Jen needs to find the "right" red fabric for new royal outfits. Having looked through the nearby local indian shops, she especially likes this...

Here's the plan for Coronation:

Jen also looks up the "curtain factory outlet" on the north-west side of town. She realises she has a thing for brocades - but she must be strong!

Above: The one on the right has the right sort of pattern and is the right colour combo, but if only it didn't look so "upholstery". In the end none of these fabrics was quite right.

Sun 20 May 2007

We all go to the British Museum and spend a few hours there, looking at the Egyptian stuff and Sutton Hoo finds, mostly. And after a pleasant day, we head to The Globe Theatre and saw Othello. Percy from the Blackadder series, was playing the bad guy - very cool.

Above: Ignoring the fact Morde hates her photo taken, the globe is in the background on the right.
Below: All the world's a stage - and it really is a lovely theatre.

Above: After the play, we walked back over the Millenium Bridge toward St Paul's.

Mon 21 May 2007
Morde and Giles get the train back to Heathrow, and onward to Oz. Leisel helps out this evening with some Reign hand-sewing (a 'flying monkey' once more).

Tue 22 May 2007
Leisel now departs for a week stay in Cork (Ireland) with Gav and Angela. The house is once again empty - just the two of us.

Thu 24 May 2007
So, Jen finally gets back to work on the new Kingly shield.

Sat 26 May 2007
This weekend is our last at home, to work on Reign projects.
Jen sets off to buy the essential "red fabric" to complete our two coronation outfits. After a couple of hours she finds acceptable fabric - and successfully barters the vendor down, saving £70 the original price! Then loads of frantic sewing ensues.....
Steve wishes to use the new shield next weekend - so Jen works on that while delegating to Steve various projects.

Below: Finally, the shield is ready to be painted...

Mon 28 May 2007
The fabric Jen got on Saturday - all laid out and ready to be cut. It is one Sari each, with cotton under (to avoid being see-through). Sounds strange, but it should look gorgeous!

Thu 31 May 2007
Hurrah! The shield is done!

And the last thing to do is glue on three little strips at the top for cantoning, then its ready for use at the Winchester Pilgrimage, next wekend.