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UK and European adventures. Read on my pretties, and discover what two stray Aussies can get up to on their travels.......

03 May 2008

Apr 2008 b

Sat 19 Apr 2008
We enjoyed a relaxed SCA revel in the local group.
Unfortunately Jen forgot to bring the camera.

Sun 20 Apr 2008
Discovered the bottom three stairs are sinking / broken.

Mon 21 Apr 2008
Jen went to check out an open evening at the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers, a London livery company. The hall is on the site of the original medieval hall, this one built a few years after the great fire of 1666.

Above: Here's a photo of the entrance.
Below: Asked not to take photos, so here's a photo from the net.

Guests witnessed a Freeman ceremony, and socialised with drinks and nibbles afterward. Still considering whether Jen should join the guild - its a question of bangs for bucks. It's not cheap to join but it is a one off fee. Decided to check out other options.

Tue 22 Apr 2008
Both Edith and Julie came over for Choir rehearsal. Definitely the potential to perform, we all just need to work together some more. Steve worked overtime and managed to get home after 9pm, having been at work before 7:30am!

Wed 23 Apr 2008
St George's Day. Steve came home too tired to go out to the St George's tournament at fighter practice tonight, after working some long hours recently.

Thu 24 Apr 2008
Steve took the car to garage for MOT (roadworthy) after work.

Fri 25 Apr 2008
...and picked up the car after work.

Sat 26 Apr 2008
Since the weather was glorious for a change, Nick and Edith came around and we all hopped in the car and headed south. We visited Ightham Mote (a 14th century moated manor house) and Bodiam Castle, ruined during the English civil war, but still pretty impressive.
Again Jen's being pretty forgetful and didn't have the camera with her. Instead, we say a big thank you to Edith and Nick for the following photos.

Above: various photos of Ightham Mote (almost pronounced "item moat')
Below: Bodiam Castle

We could easily imagine holding a lovely SCA event at the Castle. Edith and Jen pitched the idea to the co-ordinator (who once dated an Aussie SCAdian, Tangwystl we think) and left a good impression, but their current policy is no re-enactors due to poor past history with them. He did seem impressed with the fact we've done events at Rhaglan Castle and St Cross in Winchester. Oh well, fingers crossed for the future.

We decided to quench our collective thirst and headed to a pub in nearby Newenden. Once refreshed, we stuck our noses into the village church. Edith discovered this lovely Norman baptism font.

Sun 27 Apr 2008
It was definitely time to do something about the stairs.

Once we got in under there we discovered there had been a couple of temporary supports put in which had fallen down. Jen got to work on measuring, sawing and hammering into place some fat blocks of wood under the bottom couple of stairs. Steve worked on attaching brackets under the third and fourth steps, and further reinforcing. After all this we also converted the planks into a little door for future access, since we'd had to rip off the planks in the first place.

Wed 30 Apr 2008
Jen's boss had her farewell party. She's the one leaning on the table, (pictured below, right). The after work drinkies was good fun too. Steve arrived home from fighter practice shortly after Jen arrived home from the party.

Thu 1 May 2008
After work we voted in the election for Mayor of London.

Fri 2 May 2008
Beer and Museum evening in London! We saw the Cranach exhibition at the Royal Academy (close to the Ritz). And again Jen has left the house without the camera! The exhibition was quite good. We finished the night with a pleasant dinner in The Kings Head around the corner. Steve is now officially unwell, coming down with a chesty cough and sniffles.
Hhhmmmm, its a long weekend but it will have to be a gentle and relaxing one.