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21 November 2009

Nov 2009 a

Wed 04 Nov 2009

Autumn is well underway. This is how the council deals with it - a giant vaccum cleaner attached to a truck, aided by smaller blowers. (the dude who's job it is to operate the vaccum hose is off-screen)

Thu 05 Nov 2009

Bonfire night - the occassional random small fireworks let off about the place. A rainy night, so not as popular with the fireworks as usual.

Fri 06 Nov 2009

After work we went to Whitechapel to see a work colleague of Jen's play Bass guitar in a band called 'Buffalo Kite'. They were pretty good - but in stark contrast the boy-band on the venue's other stage, with about 200 screaming teen girls with placards jumping and shouting about the place.
Anyway, here's the (Jen's work) table who hollered encouraging remarks to the band....


Sat 07 Nov 2009
Jen sews on a secret project - helping Elizabeth create a tunic and robe for her Dan's Pelican ceremony next weekend at Kingdom University (medieval event). At this stage, Dan is unaware he'll be invited to the Order. While the girls sewed in secret, the boys were at the other house, adjusting Steve's helmet, then finishing with dinner preparations by Dan.
In the evening we all enjoyed Dan's cooking, then journeyed into the West end of town to meet up with Thomas Flamanc and friends for his birthday celebration. A fun night, and really nice to just chat and socialise.

Sun 08 Nov 2009
This morning Steve wrote up his lesson notes, to teach next weekend, all about Apicius (roman cookery).
In the afternoon we headed to Nick's place (half hour north) to sit and tinker with arts projects. More hand sewing for Jen, and Steve got to work on adjusting his helmet, for increased safety. It's now ready for use - yay!

Mon 09 Nov 2009

Oil painting for Jen (after work). Here's another test piece. Jen also made a charcoal drawing, in preparation for a full sized colour version of it, but wait to next week...

Wed 11 Nov 2009
Steve used his shiny new helmet for the first time ever - yay! Apart from still fiddling about with the new chin strap, all was good. The helm fits really well when it's on, its just getting it on that is a bit fiddly right now.

Fri 13 Nov 2009

Steve left work early to go home, collect luggge and meet Jen for a bus to Stansted airport. But, what should have taken 20 minutes to drive home took 2 hours. So, we got the train instead (not prone to traffic) and were very lucky our flight was delayed also. After an hour's train east from Hannover airport, Germany, we eventually got to site about 1am, in time to say a few words to Robert (Dan) in his vigil and then go to bed.

Sat 14 Nov 2009
Awoke this morning to see a lovely late period style site...

Below: two photos by Racaire, thanks!

During the day Alaric taught his class on roman cookery (Apicius), and Jen taught an Advanced Illumination class.
At the end of the evening Court, Robert was called forth for his Pelican ceremony. Both of us spoke on his behalf, as did a few others. The ceremony had been written by Robert a few months earlier, unbeknownst to him he'd be using it... and it was commented by many to be a really great ceremony. The Finnish choir sang at the beginning and end, also giving extra air of dignity to the occasion. Thanks to Edith for taking these ceremony photos.

Below: the newly robed Pelican is revealed in his new estate.

Right: much fun after the seriousness of the ceremony was over.
Below: Robert and Genveive (Dan and Elizabeth) enjoy feast, after Robert's quick change of clothes.

Above: Some of our dining companions.
Below: The FInnish Choir was really good.

Further photos can be found here:

Sun 15 Nov 2009
After arriving safely home from Germany, we decided to shower and go out for dinner and a movie. Saw "2012" - it ticks all the boxes for if you ever wondered what the end of the world might look like!

Mon 16 Nov 2009
Oil painting for Jen...