Steve n Jen's UK adventures

UK and European adventures. Read on my pretties, and discover what two stray Aussies can get up to on their travels.......

16 May 2007

May 2007 a

Fri 04 May 2007
Steve picks up a hire car, Dan and Elizabeth sleep over.

Sat 05 May 2007
All four of us get up early and drive away at 7am. We arrive in Bournemouth (pronounced "Buhmmith") at the Viceroy Tournament event, at around 11am.
Jen left her camera to Johanara for the morning (she thinks?) since its difficult to take photos when you're being "royal". Thanks Johanara!

The tournament then got underway to see who would be the next Viceroy and Vicereign. To explain, all of the UK and Ireland plus Iceland are part of a local region called "Insulae Draconis" or "I.D." for short. This region is like a principality in training, where the hope is to become a full principality with a Prince and Princess, some day.

Above: here we are being heirs.
Below: Jen (Nerissa) meets with the Society Chatelaine. Put very plainly, she's the world-wide big-wig for all things related to welcoming newcomers, and she visited from USA.

Above: Court with Lutr and Siobhan (the outgoing Viceroy and Vicereign)
Below: The winner on the day was baron Poul, from Ireland.

Above: Alaric did not enter the tourney, so these two photos are of some bouts afterward.

Sun 06 May 2007
We tourist our way through Winchester, including pocking our noses in on the venue for the Winchester Pilgrimage. Stunning location, can't wait for it.

Mon 07 May 2007
Bank Holiday. Loads of cutting out of fabric for Coronation clothes. Steve returns the hire car and then collects some fabric for Jen.

Thu 10 May 2007
Since Steve should put away his shield for when he's King, he needs a shield with the Kingdom arms upon it. So, the new shield gets drawn up.....

Sat 12 May 2007
Steve sews! By the end of this weekend, Steve's undershirt is ready, and his hose are mostly done. Jen's been busy too - her cotehardie just needs buttons, and the hem sewn.

Sun 13 May 2007
Elizabeth carves! She asked about learning to carve, so Jen asks Elizabeth to help out on Steve's new 'Drachenwald' shield.

Tue 15 May 2007
Jen rings the mechanic and hears that apparently our car is now running with its new used engine. They're just dong the checks for the roadworthy now. Asked if we could get the car this week - but that seems unlikely darn it. At around 9pm Leisel, Giles and Morde arrive for the London leg of their European tour.
Jen takes advantage of her "body-double" being here, and sees what her new dress looks like, modelled.

02 May 2007

Apr 2007 b

Thu 19 Apr 2007
Measured Steve's head for a new SCA helmet.

Fri 20 Apr 2007
Beer and Museum night. This time a whole bunch of us meet up at the V&A, including Kit's lady, Alice. We all look through the plaster courts.

Above: the Victorians did love to collect - and what they couldn't bring home they took a plaster cast of, instead.
Below: Here's a cast of the bottom half of Trojan's Column.

Above: The V&A itself is lovely, and here's a photo of the beautiful courtyard to prove it.
Later, we find a nearby pub for a pint togethet, then settle on an italian restaurant for a late dinner. Kitan (yes, the vet) meets up with us all for dinner too. Good to catch up.

Sat 21 Apr 2007
1 week down of being royal heirs. So far we've sorted out our calendar for the next 8 months and decided what to wear at Coronation in 7 weeks' time. Tonight we got a lift with Marina and John to the Thamesreach revel. There we were entertained by a couple who's passion is entertaining in the 'Far Isles' which is a group who split from the SCA years and years ago. A lovely revel - low key and informal.

Mon 23 Apr 2007
Dinner with Morde, Giles and Leisel (from Brisbane)! Unfortunately, we forgot to take any photos, since we were having such an exciting time chatting. Will get photos when they come stay mid-May. They were nice enough to bring Steve his fighting boots that Bain hand-made.

Wed 25 Apr 2007
Payday - hooray! Also Anzac Day, which we marked by eating Anzac biscuits.

Thu 26 Apr 2007
As we've been given notice of a house inspection for Tuesday, Jen started to make covers for the floral sofa we bought awhile back, which clashes terribly with the other lounges.

Fri 27 Apr 2007
Had Dan and Elizabeth around for dinner. Pleasant conversation and advice. More sofa covering - now the cushions are all covered, just the rest of the sofa to go.

Sat 28 Apr 2007
Dan and Elffin came over for an afternoon of geeky board games. Both assisted us in putting together a proposed schedule for Coronation.

Sun 29 Apr 2007
Today the K&Q of Drachenwald announced the birth of their second daughter, Annika.

Finish covering the sofa completely!

10 minutes after the above photo was taken, we're visited by Deb & Clancy, with their pal Dirk and his lady. And Michael turned up too. We all visited the British Museum together. Here we are outside the museum.

Mon 30 Apr 2007
Bought flowers to celebrate our first year in the UK. Steve mops for tomorrow's house inspection, and Jen tidies and washes up.

Tue 1 May 2007
Mayday mayday. Jen's workplace stages a fire drill (but we didn't know it was a drill) at 3pm. We're all told its a level Red emergency, all go home and check the website to see if we can come back into work the next day. Just as well its glorious weather! Jen takes the opportunity to do some fabric shopping. (The house inspection doesn't appear to have happened after all!)

Wed 2 May 2007
Jen's work sends her on an afternoon Photography course, in a lovely old building facing onto a courtyard behind Westminster Abbey. So, here are some photos Jen took. Another glorious sunny day!

Above: houses of parliament
Below: Westminster Abbey

Above: Jen just outside Westminster Tube station.