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19 April 2013


With our relocation to Australia, our seven year UK and European 
odyssey has sadly come to an end (for the moment) and 
we wanted to share with you our combined 'top ten' list.

Thank you to everyone we met on these and many other occasions
 - thanks for the good times, the great friendships, and the fond memories.

And now, the final instalment of this Blog…..

Steve & Jen's 


(Click on the photos to see larger versions)

1. ROME, including Villa Adriana (Emperor Hadrian's Villa)

2. Avebury region (including the White Horse and Uffington)
Visited 8 times, and almost every year we were in the UK.

3. Egypt: Cairo and Luxor

4. Raglan Castle / Ffair Rhaglan SCA event.
Visited 6 times, also almost every year in the UK. 

5. Paris: Louvre Museum, Sainte-Chapelle & Musee de Cluny

6. Brittany: Le Mont Saint Michel & Carnac

7. Burg Rheinstein, on the Rhine

8. St Cross & Winchester Cathedral

9. Iceland, land of Fire & Ice. Natural hot springs and Þingvellir

10. Oxford, city of dreaming spires


Our home town of London: The Tower, V&A Museum, British Museum, the Redhouse


FROM JEN: Harry Potter studio tour

FROM STEVE: This one 'should' be a tourist destination 
- Deb & Clancy's place/s. Lots good parties, lots of good times.

More info (at bottom of page on following link)


We'll keep you posted via Facebook from here on.

Bye all, and thanks for watching!


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