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31 January 2013

Jan 2013 b

A little bit of snow on the 14th, but the real snow began on Saturday 19, and really "chucked it down" on the Sunday.

Sun 20 Jan 2013
And so it snowed…….

After a few more hours, the snow covered everything in a thick blanket of white!

Mon 21 Jan 2013
Not enough snow to close the school where Steve works. So off we both went to work. It was lovely to watch the snow thickly flurrying down from the office windows, with the heating up to T-shirt temperatures.

Below: Here's Soho Square in the heart of London a 30 second stroll from where Jen's working.

This evening Alex came over for a fighter practise in the snowy local park. No ankles tooooo badly twisted thankfully. 

Sat 26 Jan 2013
Australia Day. In the evening we headed over to Sophia and Paul's place in north London to help them decorate and assist in cooking for the Australia Day Party. Much traditional and nostalgic music was played, burgers with rissoles, pineapple, beetroot and eggs on them, and far far too many sugary delights were there to be had. (another lamington? Oh go on then…)


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