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20 January 2013

Jan 2013 a

Fri 04 Jan 2013
Tonight after work we headed south west to Lyndhurst in the New Forest, for SCA Coronation. Now the question is, will we be able to fit Steve's armour plus woollen full length dresses, plus pillows and sleeping bags all into our little car? The answer - only just!

"My other armour bag is a Porsche"
 Sat 05 Jan 2013
Coronation - a pleasant time was had. Various awards were given out, and the big surprise was the announcement that Clancy is to be sent on vigil at Coronet in a month's time. Clancy seemed a bit dazed by the standing ovation he received, and it definitely left the event with a happy buzz well into the night.




Sat 13 Jan 2013
Today we booked for Rowany Festival 2013. The event is near Sydney, over Easter.

Mon 14 Jan 2013
Snow! And so it begins….


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