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08 April 2012

Mar 2012b

Sat 17 Mar 2012
Inspired by the suddenly warm and sunny weather, with Spring well and truly in the air, we decided to spend this weekend sorting through the house - doing a spring clean in Spring!

Sat 24 Mar 2012
This morning Deb and Clancy arrived, bringing with them another piece of furniture Jen acquired on ebay - this time a single guest trundle bed. Thanks guys! 
This afternoon we dressed up in funny medieval clothing and headed into town - just a couple of blocks south of Liverpool Street tube station, to a lovely little 14th century deconsecrated church - St Ethelburga's Church. Hours of dancing and sampling of tasty fingerfoods ensued. Well done to Nesta on a really excellent spread of food. 
Thanks to Emoni for letting Jen use her camera as we'd left ours at home!

Wonderful live dance music was provided by Gaita.

Later in the evening Prince Clancy and Princess Ursula (pictured above) held court, during which Nerissa (Jen) was tickled pink to receive the award for arts and sciences known as the Silver Martlet. The scroll was done by Lena - thank you!

Wed 28 Mar 2012
This afternoon Kev came over to try his hand at a spot of calligraphy. Finnian, who has now upped stakes and moved to resettle himself here in bonny old England, came over to take Steve away off to east London fighter practice (and Clancy turned up at the practice also). Curiously, the "lowest rank" fighter in armour that night was Viscount.
Before heading off to practice, Steve cooked up a truly tasty dinner of ravioli and garlic bread.

Fri 30 Mar 2012
Steve left work a little early and caught a train up to south of Manchester, where he was collected by Lena. Steve was one of the main organisers for the evening's vigil, and indeed Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale, (ex-Lochac crux herald) was put on vigil later in the night, to consider acceptance as a Laurel for his Mastery in period (open fire) cooking and using period cooking utensils etc.

Sat 31 Mar 2012
Jen spent much of this weekend relaxing and also doing a little bit of drawing for an upcoming range of greetings cards she's intending to launch next month.
Meanwhile in the north of England - Crown tournament is taking place.  

Crown Tournament. Above photo courtesy of the lovely Mistress Kiriel
Crown Tournament. Photo courtesy of Master Raphe

The Crown tournament final was between Viscount William of Richwood and Master Paul de Gorey. After a hair-raisingly closely contested final (which included a double kill) it was won 3 - 2..... So, the new Crown Prince & Princess are Paul de Gorey and Aryanhwy merch Catmael.

Later in the evening, Thomas Flamanc was indeed laurelled. Also, Steve received the Ffraid award from Prince Clancy and Princess Ursula, for service. The scroll was again done by Lena - she must like us or something!

The new Master of the Laurel -  Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale (photo by Kiriel) 

Sun 01 Apr 2012
ALthough sorry to have missed the weekend's event, Jen was very much pleased to have Steve back home again.