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UK and European adventures. Read on my pretties, and discover what two stray Aussies can get up to on their travels.......

25 April 2009

Apr 2009 a

Sat 04 Apr 2009
Jen took the time to finally power up her new Mac Mini. She spent much of the day transferring across all her files, and also backing them up.

Above: Jen powers up the Mac for the first time.
Below: old iMac in background (15" screen) now the new screen in front!

Steve spent time studying Cisco stuff. Good man.
In the evening Jen went out to a design event 'Cut & Paste'. It's a live design competition, with the audience watching massive screens as the competitors fly through their computer work. The categories were 2d, 3D, and animation. Pretty interesting stuff.

Mon 06 Apr 2009
Jen played with
This is a cool website where you can use their online filter to give a miniature look and feel to the shot. Here are the more successful ones Jen did....

Wed 08 Apr 2009
Jen started a two day course: Advanced Photoshop. Very technical (thank goodness) and definitely worthwhile.

Thu 09 Apr 2009
Tonight Steve went to a concert with Nick, the band playing was ... (drumroll) Sisters of Mercy, one of his favourite bands. The tour is a 'best of' so there were plenty of good tunes. Steve enjoyed the concert enormously.

Fri 10 Apr 2009
Hooray for Easter long weekend! Even if it is miserably rainy.
Steve is on holidays now until Monday 20th, and looking forward to a nice relaxing break.
Jen gets to work in earnest on staple-gunning insulation to the loft roof/ceiling. By the end of Sunday, she's very tired, the job's 3/4 done, and has had enough for now.

Sat 11 Apr 2009
Spring is sproinging all over the place - and the tulips planted months ago are flowering nicely

Sun 12 Apr 2009
Tonight Soph cooked up a fancy dinner with the plan of introducing her new boyfriend (Paul) to us. He was nervous, but really had little to worry about. Other guests included Jenny and Nick, and Jenni. Maybe Soph likes being the only woman in the room with a unique name? ;-)

Mon 13 Apr 2009
Jen hangs out with the aforementioned dinner guests (sans Paul) at Lakeside shopping centre for some retail therapy. Steve does some more study at home.

Tue 14 Apr 2009
Tired of the yappy little dogs next door barking and barking and barking their silly little brains out!

05 April 2009

Mar 2009 b

Fri 20 Mar 2009
Steve has to work tomorrow - 3 out of 4 Saturdays at work. So Friday night Jen packed and drove herself off to the I.D. university event north of Norwich. Left London 7pm, arrived 10:30pm.

Sat 21 Mar 2009
Jen forgot to take the camera - sorry! Jen taught two classes: Gold for the scribe - a hands-on class learning 4 kinds of gilding. And carving 101 - how to relief-carve the front of a shield. The event itself was well attended and overall pretty successful. Jen sang with Robert and Emayne, and found it to be an ideal blend of vocal chords (especially after we all lubricated our throats with a little mead).

Sun 22 Mar 2009
Steve did some studying today and missed his Jen, who got home at about 5pm (hate london traffic!).
Jen drove back from the event with a car full of London-based kiwis (Asbiorn, Peregrin & Emayne, and Robert). On the way back to London, at Robert's suggestion, we stopped in at the West Stow anglo-saxon village. What made it even more interesting was there were "orcs" and a film crew hanging about, as some kind of quasi-LOTR movie was being shot. Or at least, everyone was on an extended lunch break the whole time we were there.

Thu 26 Mar 2009
Steve and Jen sent a birthday message video to Jen's sister Kathy, who turned 40 today.
After work, Jen went to a greek restaurant with work colleagues (a Meze night) a watched some of them have a go at belly dancing. Meanwhile, Steve hung about at home for loads and loads of foodstuffs to be delivered, for this weekend's Crown Tourney feast.

Fri 27 Mar 2009
Today Steve works, but Jen runs about doing last minute prep for the weekend. Edith, Nick and Jenni B came around to take over downstairs area and kitchen for Feast prep. In the afternoon, we pack the car, Steve arrives home in time for us all to be leaving. He drives us to the airport and we picked up Sir Gerhardt and Judith, and were away to the event. Left London 5pm, arrived on site (in the New Forest) about 9pm (hate motorway traffic!).

Sat 28 Mar 2009
This time we remembered the camera...

Above: Some of the 6 couples who entered the Crown Tournament (King Marcus at left). We had hoped to see Clancy and Ursula enter, but they withdrew several days (or weeks?) earlier, due to unexpected finance issues.
Below: Robert and Lutr battling it out on the field

Above: The final was between Baron Lutr and Sir Gerhardt
Below: Their ladies, Baroness Sionbhan and Lady Judith (a mistress of the Laurel), wait with Their Majesties watching the final of three bouts to discover which of them will be the future Queen.

Above: Success! Judith congratulates her husband on their victory.
Below: Marcus and Cecelia investing Their heirs.

Above: Vivat Gerhardt and Judth, Crown Prince and Princess of Drachenwald!
Below: Runners-up Lutr and Siobhan, Lutr living up to his name.

Above: Edith (and friends) cooked up a storm.... Steve not only marshalled the tournament but also spent many hours helping in the kitchen for the feast.
Below: The populace at court

Above: For whatever reason, laughter often follows with Duke Elffin in court ;-)
Below: Ynes being her usual picturesque self, and enjoying the Lent feast. The feast included various fish dishes, all tasting very different, and very tasty.

Sun 29 Mar 2009
Coming home, it was only Mistress Johanna in the car with us. Gerhardt and Judith took up an offer of carpooling with their best friends. In the afternoon, just before dropping off Johanna at the airport, who should arrive but Angela, from Cork! Hurrah! She spent a few hours chatting and making us giggle, then headed back to where she's staying... giving us time to actually unpack from the weekend!

Mon 30 Mar 2009
Jen starts a 3 day course in Flash Actionscript with Academy Class. She's on her journey to becoming a coding monkey - oook! Steve arrives home this afternoon and finds an extra niece! Clare (our oldest niece) stays with us until Friday morning....