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17 September 2012

Sep 2012 a

Sat 02 Sep 2012
Today we saw the exhibition 'Victorian Visions' at Leighton House Museum in west London. No photos allowed inside, so here are some photos taken from elsewhere:

We spent time admiring these original paintings and many moreā€¦

Fri 14 Sep 2012
Jen's last day at her work, as she's accepted a voluntary redundancy. She had a really great send off, thanks guys! Thanks also to Steve for the super tasty gourmet muffins which were snapped up by Jen's colleagues.

Sat 15 Sep 2012
Steve's birthday. Clancy arrived just in time for breakfast (eggs Benedict by Steve). Deb was absent, and resting up at home, having badly injured her shoulder recently. So Steve and Clancy headed into town about 11am, for a full 4 hour cooking class (with Tina) run by author of Apicius, Sally Grainger, at the Museum of London. 
Steve has been under the weather for much of the past week, and the sniffles are to the fore tonight. So nothing for it but to have curry for dinner. Afterwards, Steve and Clancy downed a few small glasses of our finest drinks to see out the night.

Sun 16 Sep 2012
After breakfast we waved bye to Clancy, then headed off on our own to the Warner Bros studios (north west London) for the Making of Harry Potter tour. A very enjoyable four hours!
As ever, click on the images to see larger versions.......

Above: entrance into the Great Hall

Above: designs for Sirius Black's tattoos
Above: Hey the mirror works, I see what I most desire!
Above: Gryffindor common room

Above: Dumbledore's office

Above: Dumbledore's amazing telescope

Above: portraits from the staircases (not moving)
Above: Dolores' office - PINK!

Above: click to read the exam q's
Above: just a section of bridge was made for the films -  alas, if only it were real!
Above: KSCA and the Knight bus

Above: what an excellent wizarding Alley!

Above: they are very proud of their Hogwarts 1:24 scale model.
86 artists + 7 months of work, with more than 300 fibre optic lights for night shots.

Above: Headmaster's office interior is inspired by this exterior,
with ever smaller circles climbing upward.
Above: Jen couldn't resist this Tshirt. We were very restrained in the gift shop,
and the prices were about as steep as expected.