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15 December 2008

Dec 2008 a

Sorry not a great deal of exciting things to talk about this fortnight. Next installment should be good as we'll be visiting Kiriel in Geneva, and of course there will be Christmas photos!

Thu 04 Dec 2008
Jen's work team had a team building afternoon painting the lounge room and hallway of a tenant's home. Good fun! In the afternoon Jen finished her bookbinding.

Fri 05 Dec 2008
This afternoon Jen's workmates (the directorate) had a Xmas lunch together in Covent Garden.

Sat 06 Dec 2008
Today we had a carpenter around to fix the stairs. The second bottom step was wobbly and we'd thought we'd fixed it ages ago but it had come loose again. Fingers crossed this does the trick now.

Sun 07 Dec 2008
This afternoon Steve worked on a foam helm-liner for his new helm. As he says: "It feels so wrong to be replacing perfectly period woollen filler with foam - but I trust the stuff" and its all about protecting the noggin good and proper-like. :-)

Wed 10 Dec 2008
This evening we had a special delivery come in - our new hedge for the front of the house!Unfotunately the delivery of the long trough planters has been delayed, so we've set the hedge free in the backyard for awhile.

Thu 11 Dec 2008
We got online and did some Xmas shopping.

Fri 12 Dec 2008
At silly o'clock Soph and Jenni Bartlett left for a weekend in France. Steve and Jen awoke to an empty home. Steve's work has now recruited an extra techie, so a little less stress at work for him hopefully!

Sat 13 Dec 2008
Steve went shopping for groceries, Jen went clothes shopping.

Sun 14 Dec 2008
Today Jen is 33 and a third!
Since we didn't make a fuss for the 33rd, Steve made a fabulous dinner and tasty dessert. Yummy beef wellington - sorry you weren't here for it Morde. Jen very much enjoyed the fuss made over her, the good company, and note the roman numeral candles on the cake!