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02 October 2010

Sept 2010 b

Not a huge amount going on this fortnight....

Fri 17 Sep 2010
To complete Steve's fab birthday, the 2nd part of his pressie arrived today - a soop'd up video card to complement his new computer game.

Sat 18 Sep 2010
The trees are dropping berries and seeds, and in a few short weeks will once again be shedding tremendous quantities of amber leaves across the land. Above are 2 pics of a plump wood pigeon gobbling down bright berries in the branches, behind our place.
Oh, and Jen bought a bicycle today.

Sun 19 Sep 2010
Jen completed a test ride to work - 20 minutes each way.
Yes she is mightily unfit!

Mon 20 Sep 2010
This week, Steve's on a training course and has asked Jen to catch the bus with him in the mornings Mon-Thurs this week. So no cycling to work for Jen just yet.
Our guests arrived this afternoon: Jen's best friend from High School Kylie, and her boyfriend Tony, plus Kylie's parents. They're staying with us a couple of nights, and tonight we enjoyed a popular British dining experience at our local curry restaurant.

For the next couple of days Steve was hard at study during the days, and hard at cooking up fab dinners for all and sundry in the evenings. The guests could not believe the excellent service here at Hotel Bangor.  :-) 

Fri 24 Sep 2010
Well, we have the place back to ourselves, and had planned to attend the Design Museum's masked ball tonight ... however it seems Kylie and co. took the good weather with them, and now we're left here in London with blustery and drizzly weather. Arrgghh!

Sat 25 Sep 2010

Party night. Kev invited us to Jack and Alice's Birthday Bop. 

Jen tries out a prissy 50's look
The Jack is Jack Daniels, the Alice, is the venue the Princess Alice pub - both celebrating well over 100 years. The venue put on a 1950's bopping theme complete with temporary checkered floor and olde motorbikes. Disappointed though that the swing dance class didn't happen... well we waited two hours and the party still hadn't warmed up. 

So the three of us had dinner on nearby Brick Lane, and then hung out at Kev's pad for a few more drinks. Nice to catch up with old friends.
L-R: Kev and Steve pondering the wine list

Tue 28 Sep 2010
Tonight Steve took Jen on a mystery date - we had dinner, then saw West End musical, Wicked.  OMG the leading lady has the utterly most incredible voice we think we've ever heard! The sound engineers must've had a hand in that too of course. Big thumbs up. Unfortunately no photos of the production allowed, so here's before it all kicks off - see the dragon at top, yes it is a big puppet with glowing red eyes.

Wed 29 Sep 2010
The culmination of several weeks' effort for Jen and her workmates is the Annual Review. Jen's main contribution is the downloadable PDFs on this website (including the financial report)
This evening Jen stayed back at work to run a small class on patterning for fashion, for her teammates. Steve had fun at fighter practice.

Thu 30 Sep 2010
Jen spent most of the day at work making a spoof of the Star Wars rolling intro. You might think it was fun, but actually it was a bit of a pain. (The upcoming staff conference has a movies/fame theme).

Tonight after work we had dinner with Soph and Paul at their flat. Soph cooked up a storm (and some smoke unfortunately, but that was dessert) and the chicken and roast 'tato's were great.

Interestingly, they are seriously considering a move to Brisvegas next year. Not sure how Paul would cope with the summers, but hey, love finds a way (think it's called air-con).